AGM minutes

Minutes of HCMC Annual General Meeting at the Chieftain Hotel,
Inverness on Tuesday 5th September 2017.

CHAIRMAN: Emma Hall.
PRESENT: 19 members.
The meeting began at 20.30.
APOLOGIES: S Keenan, B Steven, J Jamieson.

The Chairman summarised the minutes of last year’s AGM held on Tuesday 6th September 2016. There were no matters arising.

We’ve definitely had our ups and downs one way and another this year, but here we are, still meeting up, talking rubbish and enjoying our bikes.
This year will always be remembered as the year we had a fatality on the Loch Ness Rally, but I believe that day should also be remembered as the day we pulled together, helped others and basically did the best we could under the circumstances. Considering that the rally was otherwise a success and taking into account the letter I received recently from Tony’s widow, Moira, I think we’d be forgiven for being pleased with our conduct under pressure.
Moving on, we need to continue to make sure potential new members hear about our club and try to encourage old current and previous members to return. We are definitely getting the word out better than ever before, Dode running our Facebook page has been a definite success and we have active members who may never have heard of us without his hard work. The email shots that I’ve been experimenting with this year seem to be working and the numbers on our annual trip have swelled thanks to these new (to the club) methods of communication.
I would like to thank the other members of the committee for their hard work this year and remind the members that whilst a club is the sum of its members, nothing would happen without the committee members’ willingness to give their time and energy. If you enjoy the club, events and opportunity to socialise with like-minded people, then please do consider whether you could help out in any way.
Onwards and upwards

The end of financial year finds the Club in a healthy position with total assets of £5,597.25. Total cash is £3,918.75 and there are no outstanding liabilities.
There were 84 members at the end of July, 79 full and 5 associate.
The main event of the year, the Loch Ness Rally, produced net profit of £131.22 and we will be making a £145.00 donation to Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland along with a further £70.00 from the Arnold Moffat Memorial that was kindly passed onto the Club. There was a total of 86 entries and we sold 70 meals.
Special thanks go to Kevin from Mitchell’s for providing the sweep vehicle and raffle prizes, also to Tom Adamson and Willie Young for their sponsorship. Thanks to all who helped on the day, manning the registration desk, setting up the parking lot and selling raffle tickets. Also thanks to the rally marshals, to Paul for signing the route and Bert for his role of MC. We also remember the unfortunate death of member Tony Woods.
Attached are the balance sheet, income statement, inventory of merchandise and equipment and the Loch Ness Rally statement.

No motions had been submitted.

Only yearly posts were due for renewal and nominations were as follows. All nominees were accepted by the membership present.
Position                               Nominee      Proposer      Seconder
Vice Chairman               Cliff Piper         Neil Ellison       Emma Hall
Membership Secretary   Inus le Roux      Neil Ellison     Emma Hall
Property Manager        John Williams      Neil Ellison     Emma Hall
Newsletter Editor         Neil Ellison           Emma Hall    Cliff Piper
Entertainments            Neil Ellison           Emma Hall    Cliff Piper
Runs Coordinator shared post
Ralph Pickthall & Colin Craig      Neil Ellison    John Williams

Non-Committee Posts: (proposed and seconded en bloc)
Disability Liaison Member Mike Fabling
D.V.L.A Consultant R MacKay & Emma Hall
S.V.V.F Representative Neil Ellison
B.M.F Representative John Williams

(Prior to election of the Runs Co-ordinator there was a short discussion on the role of this post-holder).

The club officers are therefore as follows for the year 2017/18:
Chairman Emma Hall [existing]
Treasurer John Williams [existing]
Secretary Malcolm Davidson [existing]

Vice Chairman Cliff Piper
Membership Secretary Inus Le Roux
Property Manager John Williams
Newsletter Editor Neil Ellison
Entertainments Neil Ellison
Runs Coordinator Ralph Pickthall & Colin Craig

Non-Committee Posts:
Disability Liaison Member Mike Fabling
D.V.L.A Consultant R MacKay & Emma Hall
S.V.V.F Representative Neil Ellison
B.M.F Representative John Williams

5. There being no other competent business, the meeting closed at 21.00
Prepared by MS Davidson