AGM minutes

Minutes of HCMC Annual General Meeting at the Chieftain Hotel,
Inverness on Tuesday 4th September 2018.

CHAIRMAN: Emma Hall.
PRESENT: 22 members.
The meeting began at 9.20pm.
APOLOGIES: Gordie and Jan Stirling, Robert MacKay.
Before starting the meeting the Chairman thanked those committee members who were standing down – Neil Ellison for his help and support when she first took on the role of chair, Cliff Piper for standing in were needed and Malcolm Davidson for interpreting in the minutes the chaos of the meetings.

There were no matters arising.

Well, here we are again. This year has had its ups and down, just as you would expect and unfortunately, we’ve lost a few of our friends along the way.
We’ve said goodbye to Tom Elliott, Alan Hopkins & Peter Home. I apologise if I’ve forgotten anyone.
We’ve also welcomed several new members and the club membership is currently at 94. 2019 might be the year we hit the magic 100.
The small bike runs have seen a good turnout in their second year and the monthly club runs continue to be well attended. We’ve seen more members attending the club meetings and taking a more active role in the club. We have barbecued, we almost camped and soon we will be bimbling around the Borders of Scotland.
I just hope that we can continue to grow and learn as a club the way we have been over the last year or two. Obviously, we won’t always get it right, but hopefully we can learn from our mistakes.
A club is nothing without its members, so keep telling us what you like, or don’t like and let the committee know if you have any ideas.
Overall, it’s been a good year and I’m delighted to have been given the chance to have a part in that.


The end of financial year finds the Club in a healthy position with total assets of £5,657.98. Total cash is £4,124.98 and there are no outstanding debts or liabilities.

There were 94 members as of July 31st, 86 full and 8 associate.

The main event of the year, the Loch Ness Rally, produced net profit of £233.20. There were 92 entries and we sold 67 meals and 34 T-shirts.

Special thanks go to Kevin from Mitchell’s for providing the sweep vehicle and raffle prizes, also to Tom Adamson and Willie Young for their sponsorship. Thanks to all who helped on the day, manning the registration desk, setting up the parking lot and selling raffle tickets. Marcus MacKay and the girls once again did a great job. Also thanks to the rally marshals, to Paul for signing the route and Bert for his traditional role of MC.

This year the Club has made a £145.00 donation to Mikeysline, a £100.00 donation to Scottish Air Ambulance and a £20.00 donation to the Burghead Trust.

Attached are the balance sheet, income statement, inventory of merchandise and equipment and the Loch Ness Rally statement.

None received.

All positions were due for renewal this year and nominations were as follows. All nominees were accepted by the membership present.
Position                             Nominee                Proposer                Seconder
Chairman                          Emma Hall             Lexie MacKay        Andy Loosemore
Secretary                          Kayleigh Dunne     Emma Hall            John Williams
Treasurer                         John Williams         Emma Hall            Paul Marrs
Vice Chairman                 vacant
Membership Secretary    Inus le Roux           Emma Hall           Lexie MacKay
Property Manager           John Williams         Emma Hall           Bert McKay
Newsletter Editor             Emma Hall              Neil Ellison           Paul Marrs
Entertainments                vacant
Runs Coordinator           Ralph Pickthall &      Emma Hall           Bill Steven
Colin Craig

Non-Committee Posts:
Disability Liaison             Mike Fabling            Neil Ellison         Emma Hall
D.V.L.A Consultant           Vacant
S.V.V.F Representative    John Williams        Emma Hall          Neil Ellison
B.M.F Representative      John Williams        Emma Hall          Neil Ellison
Web Manager                  Emma Hall             Neil Ellison          Paul Marrs

Vacant positions:
Vice-chairman: Two names were put forward for this post – Ralph Pickthall and Gordie Stirling. However, neither was present and no written nominations had been received in accordance with the Club constitution. This position has been held over until the next Club meeting.
Entertainments Organiser: several names were put forward for this post – Gordie and Jan Stirling Na Paul Marrs. The Stirlings were not present and again no written nominations had been received so this post was held over until the next meeting.
DVLA Consultant: this position was discussed at length regarding the knowledge and commitment required. The previous incumbent, Bert McKay, was stepping down but did not want to see the Club lose this prestigious capability. To be further discussed at the next meeting.

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: the minimum number of committee members required by the Club constitution is 7 and this should be borne in mind in filling the remaining vacant positions on the committee].

6. AOB
a) The idea of having an Honorary President of the Club was mooted but dropped after a short discussion that concluded the Club did not need such a post.
b) The Chairman said that the new committee would look at introducing a joining fee for new members and also means of paying subscriptions online using PayPal etc.
c) Neil Ellison proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing committee.

The meeting closed at 10.00pm.

Prepared by MS Davidson