Important Information for riders

  1. For all club runs (unless otherwise stated) meet between 10:00 and 10:30 for route discussion at 10:30 and 11.00 departure.
  2. Whilst most runs stop at places where food can be purchased, it is the riders’ responsibility to make their own arrangements for lunch or take a picnic.
  3. Speed for ordinary Club runs will usually be 45-55 mph where possible, but can vary up or down depending on bikes present. Tiddler runs may be substantially slower.
  4. On main roads riders should keep approximately 50 yds apart to allow cars to overtake, but on single track roads should be closer to allow more bikes to pass or be passed in one layby.
  5. Riders leaving the run for any reason, should inform the organizer or last rider.
  6. Where possible keep the rider behind you in view in your rear view mirror.

Starting points

  1. Inverness – Tesco Extra car park just off A96 – IV2 7GD
  2. Dingwall – Tesco‚Äôs car park – IV15 9PP
  3. Nairn – Outside Harbour Cafe – IV12 4PH
  4. Forres  – FourTwoHQ (Formerly Bervie Chipper) A96 – IV36 2SP