Chairmans challenge

The Chairman’s Challenge is a yearly challenge which is designed to get the club members out and about on their motorcycles.

The challenge for 2015 was to photograph your motorcycle next to as many red telephone boxes as possible. 2015 was won by Dode. 2016 was village halls, won by Dode again.

The Challenge for 2017 is Postal Pillar Boxes, starting now till December 2017. Your challenge is to take a photograph of your motorcycle with as many pillar post boxes as possible.
Please note – they must be red or gold, out doors and in use.
No no’s are plastic boxes, boxes in supermarkets or display boxes in museums etc. No Lamp boxes, the square ones fixed to a pole, no Ludlow Wall boxes, the ones fitted into the wall.
The good ones are Round, Hexagonal, Oval and Square ones, even the modern K type (what ever that is?) which stand alone..
Anywhere in Scotland north of the Inveralmond roundabout on the A9 at Perth, (56.42deg N for GPS) eg Dundee is OK but not Glasgow.
The bike must do the outward journey under its own power but can get home by any means.
1 point will be awarded for each red box and 10 points for each gold one (ps all gold boxes count, regardless of shape or location, as there are so few of them).
Identify the location of each on the photo and send to Neil Ellison on any medium although digital is preferred as it can be easily loaded onto the website. See website for address or bring to club meetings as you progress. (Note – when emailing photos try not to send more than 5 or just send when you do them, not your whole lot in one go, Ta).
Good Luck

Good boxes –

No No bad boxes –

Some of the photos will appear here – And so it begins starting with these from Andy Loosemore. Please note Andy is up to 67 boxes.

A selection from Neil E

Some snaps of Bill S with some boxes