Chairmans challenge

The Chairman’s Challenge is a yearly challenge which is designed to get the club members out and about on their motorcycles.

The challenge for 2015 was to photograph your motorcycle next to as many red telephone boxes as possible, won by Dode. 2016 was village halls, won by Dode again, 2017 was red pillar boxes, won by Dode again.

As it’s 100 years since the end of WW1 in November this year, the Challenge for 2018 is War Memorials with Human statues on them, no crosses or scrolls etc, just figures. The memorial can commemorate W.W.1 & W.W.2, but must have a W.W.1 reference. This year the challenge will be done in teams, the Chairman’s team and the Vice Chairman’s team. If you want to take part let the Chairman know asap. Each team members photos will count even if they visit the same memorial. Extra points for memorials that have the names of females in the lists of the W.W.1 fallen.

The teams for this year are as follows:

Chairman’s Team (1) Emma Hall, Dode Fraser, Malcolm Davidson, Peter MacDonald & Inus LeRoux
Vice Chairman’s Team (2) Cliff Piper, Neil Ellison, Andy Loosemore, Bill Steven, John Roelich, John Williams, Colin Rose & Chris Steel

Identify the location on each on the photos and send to either Chairman Emma Hall or Neil Ellison on any medium, although digital is preferred as it can be easily loaded onto the website by December 2018 meeting.
See the website for addresses or bring to club meetings as you progress. (Note – when emailing photos try not to send more than 5 or just send when you do them, not your whole lot in one go, Ta).
Good Luck

We start this year’s challenge off with a couple of photos from Inus

Here’s a couple of late entries from Malcolm, slightly different

Andy L photos

Neil E photos

Bill S photos

Colin R photos

Chris S photos