Minutes of HCMC Meeting 6th March 2018
Chieftain Hotel, Inverness

Chairman Emma Hall.

The meeting commenced at 8.00pm.

23 members present.

Apologies: Dode Fraser, Side Leitch.


2. NEW MEMBERS – Kayleigh Dunne.

a. Regarding Kilt Walk on 23rd June. Neil to forward to Emma.

a. 25th February – Club run: 23 members met at Tesco for a run to Drumnadrochit and Urquhart Castle. There was a slight hiccup at the start when several bikes got left behind and went through the town rather than by the Southern Distributor Road and the new bridge over the River Ness. However all met up again on the A82 and took the short run to Drumnadrochit and the Ness Deli for lunch. Afterwards all made their way back home by Fort Augustus or by Kiltarlity or some other route. It was cool but not too frozen and fair. A good first run out.
b. 3rd/4th March – MCN Show in Edinburgh: Colin and Ralph started out but were turned back by the snow. The show was postponed until 7th/8th April.

1.17th March – Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club spring auction at Glamis.
2. 18th March – Biggar Albion Foundation autojumble.
3. 25th March – Club run Tesco to Daviot coffee shop.
4. 25th March – VMCC Clyde Valley blue haze 2-stroke run through Ayrshire.
5. 1st April – Easter Egg Run – Council car park, Glenurquhart Road.
6. 3rd April – Club meeting- 8pm at Chieftain Hotel.
7. 7th April – Grampian Classic MC Club large lunch run, Old Meldrum.
8. 7th/8th April – MCN Scottish Motorcycle Shown in Edinburgh.
9. 8th April – VMCC Central, classic/vintage motorcycle show and autojumble at Forfar.

Teams to be sorted out at the next meeting but the challenge has begun and members can get to take their photos.

Emma presented Colin Rose with the trophy at the end of the meeting.

8. AOB
a. Bert MacKay had a few comments re the MoT exemption for 40 year olds and older: the exemption doesn’t necessarily apply to modified bikes e.g. Tritons, Tribsas. Regarding Q reg machines the DVLA no longer take a relaxed attitude to the period allowed for appeals – it had extended to some years but now a maximum of 12 months is rigorously observed.
The FBHVC seems to suggest that the MoT emption does not apply to motorcycles for another 4 years but the ruling is applicable to all road vehicles from 20th May.
[Author’s note: there was some discussion after the meeting re insurance and the need to prove roadworthiness condition in the absence of an MoT. I called FootmanJames and they didn’t have a problem with the absence of MoT].
b. DVLA rep- Bert is looking to finally give it up: Emma to fill in the forms again.
c. Andy Loosemore recounted the details of an e-mail he’d received from a VMCC member asking for assistance: Martin Shelly was trying to contact a VMCC member in the Beauly area called Paul (no surname) who had some rare spare parts for a vintage motorcycle. It was suggested that the query be passed to Mike Fabling.

The meeting ended at 8.30pm.


The entertainment was a talk by Ian Jones of the Institute of Advanced Motorcycling on the IAM and the work that it does. 4 members present had done the basic course. Very interesting and an opportunity to improve one’s skills and enjoyment of motorcycling.

Prepared by M Davidson