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Minutes of Highland Classic Motorcycle Club
Meeting held on the 3rd July 2018 at the Chieftain Hotel Inverness.

Chairman – Emma Hall
The meeting commenced at 20.05hrs with 19 members present.

Apologies – Malcolm Davidson & Dode Fraser

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New Members – None

Emails Received – From Richard Jones “I noticed that you had a couple of Laverda motorcycles taking part in this years Loch Ness Rally (which I have entered a couple of times, even winning a prize on one memorable occasion), and as 2019 is the 70th anniversary of Moto Laverda I was wonder if you had any objection to having several more entered next year as part of an informal celebration. There are a number of members of the International Laverda Owners Club (ILOC) in the Highlands who are interested in taking part, but I realise that you may not want up to half a dozen bikers (or more!) from the same marque lined up, so I thought I’d check with you before I push this with our members”.
It was agreed that something special could be arranged for Loch Ness Rally 2019.

Club Reports –
1. Loch Ness Rally report by John Williams. We had 92 entrants, 67 meal ticket sold, 34 T shirts sold, Raffle raised £709 and £19.50 of merchandise sales, giving a profit of £378.20p. The weather was good and the event enjoyed by all those who took part. There were no real complaints, only that fist timers couldn’t fine the registration, so it was decided for next year, weather permitting that a gazebo would be erected out side for registrations. A big thank-you to all those who helped out on the day. A charity donation from the profits will be made to “Mikeysline”
Here is the web link
2. Jim Ross gave a short report on the “Bob McIntyre Memorial Classic Races, stating the weather on the Saturday was wet, but Sunday was weather wise good. There was a good selection of bikes on show for the parade.
3. Ray Maxwell gave a short report on the Tain Vintage Car Rally say there was more space for the motorcycles and on harder ground.
4. Jim Ross attended the 29th Scottish Classic Bike Show at Ayr and said he went but wouldn’t go back.
5. John Williams, Ray Maxwell & Neil Ellison gave reports on the Club Run 30th June (Saturday) from Forres to Elgin Motor Museum. We were joined on the run by Eric and his Wife who were up from Arbroath doing their clubs Point to Point challenge, which included Knockando Woollen Mill. It was a good run through nice scenery going from Forres to Rafford, on to Dallas, then to Knockando for a photo stop for Eric, then on to Grantown for a coffee stop plus snack. From Grantown to Elgin and the Motor Museum, where a group photo was taken and an enjoyable half hour spent in the museum, where it was noted a certain bubble car was for sale at £17,500. From the museum it was on to Lossiemouth for an ice cream and then home. All in all a good day out. Other than Colin got a wasp in his helmet and Ralph lost his oil cap.
6. The Dallas Gala report was given by John Williams & Neil Ellison who said it was another good day out, but with only 5 members supporting this event it was a poor show. Neil explained that photos on the web site was of Emma who was looking after the children on the “Big Tots Circus” float, which gave the day a bit of fun. We were treated to a free sandwich & drink.

Forthcoming Events – July
7th – Mearns Vintage Vehicle Club rally
7th/8th Mearns Vintage Vehicle Club – Rally
14th/15th SCRMC Classic Scramble – Drumlandrig
15th – HCMC static display at Boat Garten Steam Railway Station. (If you are attending names to Neil ASAP).
15th – VMCC Clyde Valley
15th – Almond Valley Vintage Ass – Rally
21st – HCMC small cc older bike run Dingwall to Tore
21st – Sutherland County Show – Dornoch (Emma has entry forms, advised to bring prop stand).
27th to 29th – VMCC Central Sco Assembly of Vintage Motorcycles at Blaigowrie
29th – HCMC club run Inverness to Mallaig (Sunday).
29th – Crichton Festival of Transport – Dumfries
4th/5th VMCC Stirtling Castle Regularity run
5th – Garioch Vintage Vehicle Restoration Society Rally – Oldmeldrum
5th – Lothian & Borders Classic Motorcycle Club – run/BBQ/picnic & show
7th – HCMC Club meeting
11th12th – Historic Wheels – run & rally Brodie Castle
19th – HCMC Point to Point run & BBQ (More details next month).

Any Other Club Business –
a) Inus had a problem with his BMW and bought a diagnostics machine for BMW, he has kindly offered its use to other BMW owners.
b) New Law on the sale of batteries with acid come into effect from the 1st July 2018. (The Home Office has issued guidance and new law for home users of poisons and explosive precursors. One of the substances that will become regulated from 1st July 2018, being sulphuric acid which is the electrolyte commonly used in lead based automotive batteries).
c) 14th July a BBQ at Ralph’s all welcome (its his birthday)
d) There was a report on Malcolm’s Day Out –
Decided to take a trip up to Thurso on the trusty Trident – not so trusty lately with an occasional problem changing up to 2nd gear.
Bike going very well until Berriedale Braes when had to change into first behind a big lorry going round hairpin on the way up the north side.
Couldn’t get 2nd gear – only neutral and first.
So parked in field entrance at top of brae. Couldn’t clear jam so rang breakdown service covered by insurance – RAC call centre somewhere in the midlands by the accent.
Was told the RAC man would be with me within 90 minutes – although they couldn’t find Berriedale in Google they said.
From then on got a call every 20 minutes or so.
Next call from RAC said that no RAC cover ‘up there’ so would arrange for a local partner to help -did I know any local garages?
Next call from the RAC informed me that help was on its way from Ross’s garage – would be 30 minutes.
Next call was from man from Ross’s garage (coming from Carrbridge) and where was I? When I told him at Berriedale 100 miles away he said he wouldn’t be coming and would get it rearranged.
(By this time I was beginning to think about how I could recover the bike myself).
Next call was from RAC saying that help had been arranged from Victoria garage in Brora.
Then I had a call from Victoria garage saying that they were on their way and a 4×4 with motorcycle trailer arrived shortly. He was a mechanic and wanted to examine the problem so he went to the left side of the bike to operate the gear change. I had to advise him that it was a British bike with the gear lever on the right side (top 3 basic human instincts – survival, sex and right foot gear change).
He couldn’t do anything with it so we loaded up and set off for home at Nairn, with country and western music playing – not really my thing but it didn’t seem out of place somehow.
At Dornoch we met another of their recovery vehicles that was taking a broken car to Inverness so trailer with my bike was hitched onto the back and off we went again. No music this time just a white-knuckle ride all the way back. Hammering along at 60mph, overtaking cars and lorries. I daren’t look back at how the bike trailer was behaving. The driver was texting on his phone at one point – very concerning.
But we eventually arrived home safe if not sound.
e) My first bike – John Roelich passed around a photo and details of a bike he was riding age 4 years old.

Bike details, frame & wheels – wartime Corgi paratrooper bike, Seat tube removed & seat made from 4”x3/4” timber padded with under felt and covered with leather cloth nailed to base. Tank made from 2 pint Castrol oil tin with filler soldered to side, flexibly mounted with a bungee strap. Engine – 50cc Sachs single speed 2-stroke. Forks – sawn down from a 1953, 197cc Francis Barnet.
We had lots of fun with this bike, but imagine Mum’s horror when she noticed that John was not wearing his helmet.
Have you a photo of your first bike?

Mystery Item – None

Entertainment – Talk & picture presentation by Malcolm Lamond from the Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance. (The club presented a cheque for £100 to Malcolm for the SCAA plus various donations from club members).

Picture by John W of Emma presenting cheque for £100 to Malcolm Lamond for SCAA Charity

Minutes prepared by Neil Ellison (club Secretary absent)