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Minutes of HCMC Meeting 1st August 2017
Chieftain Hotel, Inverness

Chairman Cliff Piper.

The meeting commenced at 8.03pm.

23 members and guest speaker Cath Millar MBE present.

Apologies: Emma Hall, Dode Fraser, Inus le Roux.

No new memberships noted.
No correspondence received.
There were 86 entries in all and 70 meal tickets were taken up for the Carvery at Fairways. Raffle ticket sales were the highest ever thanks largely to the efforts of Marcus MacKay. As reported in the minutes of the previous meeting there was a profit of £276, net £131 after a donation of £145 to Chest, Heart and Stroke.
a.8th July, Beauly Gala – Around 8 members attended this event which was held this year in the Shinty field. It was well attended by the public but the vintage tractors and bikes on display had to park in the carpark and were isolated from the rest of the event. Representations had already been made to the organisers who promised an improvement change for next year.
b.16th July, Club run for older, smaller and slower bikes; Nairn to Spey Bay – this was a good run with a turnout of around 9 members on bikes of varying ages and sizes. The pace was quite brisk to the destination at the Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay via Lossiemouth. A couple of riders got lost in Nairn (!) shortly after the off but found their way to Spey Bay all right. Lunch was obtained at the café in the dolphin Centre. Colin Rose led the return journey via Ordiequish and his house where we had a coffee and a look at his bikes. An excellent run.
c.22nd July, Dornoch Show – Bert MacKay and a couple of others attended this show: they turned up to display their bikes and were asked to pay an entry fee of £7! (I doubt they did but nevertheless got in).
d.30th July, Club run, Nairn to Glenlivet Distillery – 11 members turned out in very fine weather at Nairn. It was a good run with dryish weather and well organised. No one got lost this time.
The Secretary had forgotten that the Chairman had given notice of absence and had neglected to prepare a proper agenda for this meeting and so a full list of forthcoming events was not available.

The following is a reminder of some events in the coming month:
13th August: Small bike run from Dingwall via the Nigg to Cromarty Ferry.
27th August: Club run from Inverness to Eilean Donan Castle.
3rd September: Grantown Motormania
5th September: Club meeting and AGM 8.00pm at Chieftain Hotel, Inverness.

This will be at the September meeting. No proposals had been received.
The annual posts would be open for renewal. These are as follows:
Vice Chair
Membership Secretary
Property Manager
Runs coordinator
Newsletter Editor
Entertainments Organiser
Disabled representative
SVVF representative
BMF representative

To Mull from 29th September to 1st October. Names to Neil ASAP. See note on website.
a. Neil Ellison proposes a run to France next year either to the WW1 battlefields or the WW2 D-Day landing beaches. Names of those interested to Neil. Motorcycle is obligatory; nor cars or trailers.
b. If you want to receive an SVVF handbook for 2018 make sure you are a paid-up member by 30th September.
c. Note the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride on 24th September will take place in Inverness. Google DGR website for details.
d. Bert said that he wished to be on record as having been impressed by the manner in which Cliff, as Vice-chairman, had handled the last two meetings in the Chairman’s absence.
e. Neil apologised for something, but what exactly isn’t recorded.
The meeting ended at 8.30pm

The entertainment was a presentation by Cath Millar, from the Burghead Headland Trust on the Pictish history of Burghead. All present got to write their names in Ogham script!

Prepared by Malcolm Davidson